Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whats happening so far

What has been happening over the last months, well where do I start. A few months have passed since my wee photo shot of my new products. At that time I started a teaching course for higher education and its been all go doing essays, teaching and doing presentations. I am really enjoying the course and can't wait now till tomorrow is over, then I will have done my presentation.

During all the madness I have been preparing for Christmas craft fairs, and setting up an exhibition piece for an exhibition with a group called Emission Arts (you can see the exhibition in Cregagh Library in Belfast till the end of the month, pics to follow). Below are a few pics of the latest craft fair in the Guild Hall in Derry. I had an amazing time and stayed in this super B+B Rose Park House

I was very chuffed with my wee stand I have to say and most of the ideas were from friends. Those wee chats make all the difference.

Now after all the crazy weeks of Christmas craft fairs, long hours driving to them, the packing and unpacking, I can relax for a few weeks till the next one. In between then there are still orders to be done, ideas to realize and a shop to build online for all the Christmas goodies I think you should be packing your stockings with.

Off to finish my presentation.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Photo Shoot

Oh I am very excited, I have been designing a new product and today I had a wee photo shoot in my garden. Below are some pictures of my key rings pods. The main body is made from 100% linen and circles are made up from liberty fabrics, silk, pattern paper and vintage book text. I had such fun photographing them.

I love old vintage things and this lock, key and door were a dream.

Now I have to pick my way though my photos, I love them all and I had such a fun wee time outside, something which I should do more often.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Panic and give up: How I am feeling at the moment.

This is how I seem to be feeling at present and I hope it passes quickly.

Above work by fellow crafter Sue Cathcart http://www.mr-papers.com

This last week as been crazy and not were I want to be, I don't like being this stressed. The work up to this stress and mini season of panic and wanting a rest, began with a new second hand car. I had to get the car though mot and it failed on the ABS brakes which cost a fortune. So fours hours in the garage and it was fixed or so I thought, that to come. Off I went back to the mot centre and after me hating them on Monday I warmed to them after they looked at it there and then. So all sorted on Tuesday to be disappointed and feeling drained when the light came back on for the ABS brakes today, tears and more tears. Another trip to garage will have to happen and even more money.

Then today I was off doing some workshops at SPACE Craft in Belfast and drove in to find the motorway was closed off and my chosen car park was too because of it. Already running very late I ended up driving round the town trying to get somewhere to park.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for a week.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Craft Fest 2009

My wee table at Craft Fest 2009. I brought lots of lovely products, badges, cards, lavender bags and my new framed pieces. I had a mad weekend there at Craft Fest and the lead up to it was just as explosive. On Wednesday night last week I ended up at A+E with my mum who nearly cut her finger off and after a few hours there she came out with 3 stitches. We arrived home at 2.30 am and I was exhausted. Then it was off to work looking a bit worse for ware on the Thursday. Then Craft Fest started on Friday and was over the whole weekend. I did two workshops, card making and badge making. Everyone had lots of fun and I was swamped with people after thinking I would not get that many people interested, I was so wrong.

The mess from the weekend is finally cleared after the boxes with all my stuff only made it from the car on Monday afternoon to the studio, well the card stand is still sitting in the hall way.

I really want to take it easy this week and have fun with friends and family and may be do a spot of crafting just for me.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Zipping along today

What a fab day I have had, its been super, I feel so much better all round from yesterdays depressing struggle. I think its all stemmed from my very late night and which has just gone to show me that my being a night owl, is so right for me. After arriving home last night after a late run to the airport, I then just had to read the rest of my book, Snatched by Mandasue Heller. It was a great book and at 2.30am I was finished. So waking up at about after ten this morning I felt so awake and ready to get some work done.

Lots of bits and pieces were brought together this morning and I finally began to get a bit further on with designing some little framed pieces.

Above are some photos of the design process of playing with bits of paper, material and vintage hankies. These are going to be small framed pieces. Some will have one flower and pot and the bigger ones will have three. A break though with designing these has happened, yeah!!! A sure case of artist's block and its just like writers block, but at least we artist's have materials with which to play about with, so that something might come together.

In addition to all this great designing work and cards being made, I squeezed in a bit of cleaning. My mum and I got stuck into the little utility area in our house, which was such a mess. We have a lot of building work going on so it was great to get all the rubble cleared and things thrown out that we really didn't need or that were broken.

I will be now starting a new book tonight and I am off tomorrow for a wee day trip to the sea side.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Oh what a day today. Today I seemed to just struggle though each minute, wishing I could get to a point where I was able to zip along the pile of work, which was awaiting me. No such luck. Do you ever have days like this. Then early evening after a lovely catch up phone call with my friend Judith I was flying and still going at 10.30pm, as I wait to pick up a friend from the airport. I really am a night owl and must accept this calling (sometimes I do fight it, silly idea) and enjoy not getting up early and revel in going to bed late.

This evening was then productive and I will get some photos up tomorrow of the things I created in the after dinner zip along.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

My holiday

I have been up to so much these last few weeks I am surprised I have lived to tell the tale. Firstly my 1st holiday in 2 years. Got to spend a week at my friend Johanna's in Brussels and then we went off for the weekend to Paris. I have never been to Paris and it was lovely. The weather the whole week was so hot and I got to wear my new sandals, a bargain buy. I was in such a rush before my holiday, getting orders finished and things tidied up. I am a bit crazy that way I like to leave my house all ship shape before I go on holiday.

Some pictures from my holiday, got a bit burnt in Paris so that's why I am standing in the blazing heat wearing a cardigan, as I forgot the sun cream.

Me doing silly poses in front of the Eiffel Tower, me and Johanna climbed over 1000 steps to the second stage. The cheapest and quickest way to get into the Eiffel Tower. I think we worked off all the ice cream we consumed that week mind.

Its now all back to work and the good weather as followed me most of time. All the craft fairs will be starting soon and I have loads of ideas for new products. Will get some pictures of those up over the next week.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Maker Day

What a crazy few weeks I have had again. I have been a travel agent, taxi service and agony aunt. In the middle of all this, there is me wondering where my time has gone and how I will finish the mountain of work that awaited me. Work was completed amazingly, more to do this week.

I spent a day on Saturday at the louth Craftmark shop in Drogheda demonstrating my work.

Above, me with my new badge maker, its the best item I have bought for the business and I can't wait to try some lovely new fabrics, more shopping for me, yeah. Below is a picture for my wee display on the maker day. It was a wet and quite day, such a shame.

Lots of work to plough though this week, I hope to get blogging more, even just some small ones and I will get pictures up of my new badges.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

March, April and May

A reflection on the past few months. The last couple of months have been a bit of whirl wind. I have been excited, stressed, disappointed, over whelmed and amazed.

The end of March was fun, I attended the Botanic Arts Festival, a very good day.

Above, me behind my very big space. I didn't expect to have such a big table, so it looked a bit bare and thanks to Angela Russell in the brown coat in the back ground, for having a spare white sheet to cover the table. As you can see its was very chilly and I wore my coat and scarf all day, it was really sunny outside though.

My little suitcase of badges.

The next big event was Harrogate and it was brill and I was so amazed at me driving a van, would never have seen myself doing that.

May is now looking to be much the same, full of all those crazy feelings. Lots of fun things to apply for and research to be done. Watch this space, gotta run, the laptop battery is nearly flat and I don't have the energy to run down 3 flights of stairs to the studio to get the charger. I am so lazy.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Harrogate 09

I have been a busy bee these last few weeks. It was the British Craft Trade Fair over the weekend past and can't believe it's all over for another year. I was working really hard on new products and card designs. Thanks to all those you stopped by my stand an placed orders and chatted about my work.

I will now be able to relax for a few days and enjoy Easter, the chocolate eggs are calling!!!

I have some pictures of the BCTF below and some of my friends from Northern/Southern Ireland. We all had a great time at the show and are looking forward to coming back next year.

Those who got caught by my picture taking are:
Lynda Brown, Adam Frew (sporting his Margo Selby scraf), Stephen Farnan, Emer O'Sullivan, Lesley Frew and DerekWilson. I am in the top left, picture taken by Lynda (thanks Lynda).

I just hope next year I get to drive a smaller van for traveling over. Lynda and I hired a van but ended up with a mini transit, such a laugh, we felt we were driving a bus.
I do feel pretty proud of myself for getting stuck in and driving it. I think I did a pretty good job and I hope Lynda agrees.