Saturday, 2 May 2009

March, April and May

A reflection on the past few months. The last couple of months have been a bit of whirl wind. I have been excited, stressed, disappointed, over whelmed and amazed.

The end of March was fun, I attended the Botanic Arts Festival, a very good day.

Above, me behind my very big space. I didn't expect to have such a big table, so it looked a bit bare and thanks to Angela Russell in the brown coat in the back ground, for having a spare white sheet to cover the table. As you can see its was very chilly and I wore my coat and scarf all day, it was really sunny outside though.

My little suitcase of badges.

The next big event was Harrogate and it was brill and I was so amazed at me driving a van, would never have seen myself doing that.

May is now looking to be much the same, full of all those crazy feelings. Lots of fun things to apply for and research to be done. Watch this space, gotta run, the laptop battery is nearly flat and I don't have the energy to run down 3 flights of stairs to the studio to get the charger. I am so lazy.