Wednesday, 6 April 2011

BCTF 2011

Just back today from another great trip to BCTF at Harrogate. Everything is unpacked and put away, to be organised is such a calming thing for me amid the madness. Oh what a boat trip back, my face will be green for a week. I looked out the window at one point and it was the real case of sea, land, sea, crazy!

The show was lovely and I was really pleased with how my stand worked out, I got some new framed pieces designed and notebooks too. Out of developing these products a new flower design has emerged, which I love. More work on them to be done.

Now I am back its all go again, I am studying for a teaching qualification and my last module is due in May, so fingers crossed I will get my draft done by the weekend and then hoping that I won't have to change too much when I get it back.

So tomorrow is essay day and then Saturday will be photography day, yeah, looking forward to that. All my nice new things will be photographed and I will be able to get them onto the website. I am so last minute when designing, all my ideas coming flooding into my head about two days before I have to go to trade shows or craft fairs. There is then a big job of getting them catalogued on the website when I get back.

Off to bed with my green coloured face and spinning head. Full steam ahead tomorrow, no rest for the busy.