Wednesday, 26 May 2010

London Trip

Yesterday I spent a day in London. I just love going off on these wee day trips to London. This time I went to see an exhibition at the V&A Musuem, Quilts 1700-2010.
The exhibition was amazing and I just wanted to sit down with a sewing machine and start making a quilt in the middle of the exhibition. There was such a great display of very old quilts mixed with modern day creations. One aspect which I found very interesting was a commissioned quilt by prisoners. The detail and skills they have learned and demonstrated though the quilt they created for this exhibition are amazing and I hope this would help them to better their lives.

This exhibition is one to visit and you can also buy vintage fabric designs, which have been created for the exhibition. Of course I had to buy some fabrics and below is a little pic of what I bought and I just had to have the patchwork covered pencil.

A little shopping was done too. Nothing for me really, it was all bits and pieces for rag button. I ran of time in the end and had to run for the bus to get to the airport. I am just so glad I booked the bus this time as the amount of people looking to get on the one I booked, could have filled two buses. Another day trip to London will have to be planned soon, so I can go round the clothes shops and Liberty's, I missed out on getting to look there this time round.

Off to get more work done, I have been so busy its been crazy. I am finally seeing the light at the end of tunnel and would have been kinda at the end of it if I didn't run out of brown embroidery thread, oops. On to other things until I get some more thread.