Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whats happening so far

What has been happening over the last months, well where do I start. A few months have passed since my wee photo shot of my new products. At that time I started a teaching course for higher education and its been all go doing essays, teaching and doing presentations. I am really enjoying the course and can't wait now till tomorrow is over, then I will have done my presentation.

During all the madness I have been preparing for Christmas craft fairs, and setting up an exhibition piece for an exhibition with a group called Emission Arts (you can see the exhibition in Cregagh Library in Belfast till the end of the month, pics to follow). Below are a few pics of the latest craft fair in the Guild Hall in Derry. I had an amazing time and stayed in this super B+B Rose Park House

I was very chuffed with my wee stand I have to say and most of the ideas were from friends. Those wee chats make all the difference.

Now after all the crazy weeks of Christmas craft fairs, long hours driving to them, the packing and unpacking, I can relax for a few weeks till the next one. In between then there are still orders to be done, ideas to realize and a shop to build online for all the Christmas goodies I think you should be packing your stockings with.

Off to finish my presentation.