Saturday, 29 August 2009

Panic and give up: How I am feeling at the moment.

This is how I seem to be feeling at present and I hope it passes quickly.

Above work by fellow crafter Sue Cathcart

This last week as been crazy and not were I want to be, I don't like being this stressed. The work up to this stress and mini season of panic and wanting a rest, began with a new second hand car. I had to get the car though mot and it failed on the ABS brakes which cost a fortune. So fours hours in the garage and it was fixed or so I thought, that to come. Off I went back to the mot centre and after me hating them on Monday I warmed to them after they looked at it there and then. So all sorted on Tuesday to be disappointed and feeling drained when the light came back on for the ABS brakes today, tears and more tears. Another trip to garage will have to happen and even more money.

Then today I was off doing some workshops at SPACE Craft in Belfast and drove in to find the motorway was closed off and my chosen car park was too because of it. Already running very late I ended up driving round the town trying to get somewhere to park.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for a week.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Craft Fest 2009

My wee table at Craft Fest 2009. I brought lots of lovely products, badges, cards, lavender bags and my new framed pieces. I had a mad weekend there at Craft Fest and the lead up to it was just as explosive. On Wednesday night last week I ended up at A+E with my mum who nearly cut her finger off and after a few hours there she came out with 3 stitches. We arrived home at 2.30 am and I was exhausted. Then it was off to work looking a bit worse for ware on the Thursday. Then Craft Fest started on Friday and was over the whole weekend. I did two workshops, card making and badge making. Everyone had lots of fun and I was swamped with people after thinking I would not get that many people interested, I was so wrong.

The mess from the weekend is finally cleared after the boxes with all my stuff only made it from the car on Monday afternoon to the studio, well the card stand is still sitting in the hall way.

I really want to take it easy this week and have fun with friends and family and may be do a spot of crafting just for me.