Friday, 25 June 2010

A summer of planning

Life is all go and I am now thinking about the end of summer, when its only just begun. Phone calls, forms and emails appear to amount to a busy autumn ahead. With that in mind, I have started to get the house in order and lots of little jobs done that have not seen the light of day.

While my dad and brother have been on their little holiday, I took advantage of a man free house (they always seem to get in the way). I started the stairs to our basement, I want to put a stair runner on and I am so excited. Just getting started with undercoating and then some white gloss, when I manage to find some amongst my dads collection of paint tins.

With the stairs undercoated, the next job on the list was my filing cabinet. My dad brought me home is beauty a few years and I even got the paint around that time too for it. Its one of those things with me, it has sat there for so long and I never seemed to get the time to paint it. Now I really need it so I can sort my paper work out and have a more organized business.

This summer I am so driven to get all these sorts of things done so I can sit at night and rest for a wee change. The first coat of paint goes on the cabinet tomorrow, so excited to see how it will look when its all finished.

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