Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Oh its been weeks again since I was here last and lots of things have happened, good, bad and one very sad moment. My family and I lost our beloved dog Penny to a massive stroke a few weeks back, so that is very raw in mind.

She was such a lovely dog, who had a very horrible start in life before we were blessed in having her and to have been able to give her a home. Living to about 14 years of age (we think, she was with us for just over ten) she lived a full and happy life here in our mad house. Never a dull moment with her around and she was never sick, old age stuck her fast and hard. Will miss her so much, she made such an impact on us all.

As hard as it is, life must go on and this I have to keep telling myself, along with holding back the tears sometimes, like today when the vets phoned to say her ashes were ready for collection and now as I type this. She will never be forgotten, Penny you were so fab, gentle and innocent.

Now things are busy again with BCTF coming up in less than 3 weeks and my last teaching module due when I get back, there's not a moment for anything but work.

So work work work it is for the next couple of weeks and who knows I might be able to have a wee holiday this Easter, since its so late.

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